Grocery Shelf Task Ideas ( Always being revised and improved upon!)
You set up your own shelf with groceries
The tasks and activities listed are examples to get you started

Grocery Shelf Kit Introduction
Grocery Shelf Picture Master List of All Items

Scanning Tasks
Search for Items by Photo Search for Prices of Items Arrange Alphabetically
Search by Name of Item Arrange Items to Match Picture Match Coupon to Product
Search for Items by Color Arrange Items by Size Search for Missing Items

Money Management                                                                                                                                        Shopping
Sort Currency and Coins Pay for Individual Items
Shop by Word List Calculate Amounts with Coupons
Identify Currency and Coins Pay for Multiple Items
Dictated Shopping List Shop by Function
Count Money to Match Amount Make Change
Shop Using App Compare Prices
Print Money Cards

Functional Mobility Memory
Organizing for Function
Carry with 1 Hand
Memorize List of Items
Follow Directions
Carry Items with 2 Hands Remember Location of Shelf
Follow Verbal Directions
Opening Containers
Spreadsheet Inventory Standing Balance Miscellaneous Tasks

Move Items from Shelf to Shelf
Meal Planning Safety Awareness Tasks Put Shelf Liner on Shelves
Find Items for Recipe Nutrition Labels Add Additional Shelves

Energy Conservation Arrange Shelves at specific Height